Fab Paris · 2023

For FAB Paris 2023, galerie Léage and de Gournay are teaming up for a brand new collaboration.

Galerie Léage is no stranger to creating grand decors for its fair stands. For several years now, it has been creating interiors with an aristocratic atmosphere, using period woodwork. By teaming up with de Gournay this year, it is taking a more decorative approach, while focusing on the very essence of the excellence of 18th-century French decorative arts: the intelligence of the hand.

Produced in the 18th century by master craftsmen working for the Crown or the great aristocracy, the furniture and objets d’art in the Galerie Léage are designed with unrivalled artistry. The Age of Enlightenment was the age of the decorative arts. Each piece of chiseled bronze had the ambition of a sculpture in the round, each painting on porcelain the finesse and vivacity of a painting, and each marquetry piece an incomparable vibrancy and delicacy. Enlightened connoisseurs were constantly renewing their interiors, and dealers and craftsmen were constantly inventing new shapes and techniques, seeking to create something more beautiful, more surprising and more exactly what their customers wanted.

De Gournay’s decorss reflect the same quest for perfection that inspired 18th-century craftsmen. As wall decorations, they are works of great finesse, made entirely by hand. Their painters and embroiderers can therefore satisfy the slightest request from their customers, and create decorations of incomparable quality. Drawing their inspiration from 18th-century chinoiseries and 19th-century panoramas, or choosing instead to work in a contemporary spirit, their artists create vibrantly colored and contrasting decors with an eye for detail.

Dates :
22 November 2023
26 November 2023
Lieu :
Grand Palais Éphémère